What Am I Getting Myself Into?

Please forgive my absence these last couple weeks. I have been dealing with some family matters and I was out of town. Now that I am back posts should resume as normal!

Since my last post, I completed a phone and in person interview for an administrative assistant/video editing position with a marketing and e-commerce company. As I had mentioned in my last post I was a little excited about it. The phone interview went phenomenal. I nailed all the questions. I had well thought out and detailed responses. I even had some great questions to ask my interviewer. Then my interviewer revealed to me that some of the content the company works with is pornography. They then asked if I was comfortable with that…

Desperate times call for desperate measures folks, so I said yes. I also was under the impression that it wasn’t the only content they worked with…. Boy was I wrong.

After we hung up I sent the required thank you email and waited to hear back. At this point, I had texted my husband and a few of my friends to gauge their reactions and thoughts on job. My ever supportive husband was okay with it as long as I was comfortable. My friends shared in the laugh. And I was still on the fence. I’m a pretty open minded person, but I also had to consider how working with that content would impact future jobs.

The next day I received an invitation to interview in person at the company’s office. I figured why not? At worst I am getting valuable interview experience. At best the job has more to it than just viewing porn all day.

The in person interview was probably the best one I have completed so far on this job hunt. I was relaxed, well-practiced at this point, and I was actually interested in how they manage and store their data. Which was part of the job’s responsibilities. I even pitched some ideas that they could incorporate into their processes. However, I also learned that all of the content they deal with is pornography… At the end of the interview, I told them I was going to be out of town the following week and they said they would be in touch for the second round of in person interviews with the CEO and Executive Assistant. I left with mixed feelings. Some pride in a successful interview mixed with feeling disturbed about the content, and fear for my family’s future. What am I getting myself into?

While I was out of town, I received the email invite to schedule to second in person interview. By then I had more time to let these feelings ruminate, and discuss it with my husband further. I decided it was better for me to turn down the interview invitation. Unfortunately my husband and I also decided to pull our son from school until I am able to find full time employment. As much as I have enjoyed having more ”me” time, I am more concerned with my son’s growth and education. I hope this will be a temporary, but it is the best decision my family can make until my employment situation changes.

In the mean time I intend to keep applying to jobs, homeschool my son, and try to continue being active in the museum community. I would like to continue writing research papers about the local institutions, so perhaps this will be what I continue working on for now.

Until next time folks ✌️






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